The Official Trump Tweet Drinking Game

I think we can all agree that 2017 was the worst, mostly thanks to the fact that we had Donald Twitter-Fingers as our fucking president. Literally every day was a waking nightmare as we waited to see what petty drama our Commander in Chief would start on Twitter. Good times. Lucky for us, alcohol exists. And lucky for you, we’ve created a drinking game for Trump’s Tweets so that you can at least blackout in 2018 while waiting to see if he’s going to casually start a nuclear war via hashtags. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Take A Shot

If he misspells something like a dumbass. Apparently Trump still hasn’t discovered autocorrect, because the guy has more typos in his tweets than my drunk texts to my ex.

Take A Swig

If he mentions his crush,“Fake News.” Literally, he is obsessed. 


If he talks shit on the Democrats, as if he isn’t the fucking president who is supposed to lead and bring together both parties. I just…I can’t.

Down Your Drink

If he mentions making America great again. Then turn and look at the world burning around you. Cool cool cool.

Sip Your Drink

If he ends his tweet with something in all caps, like a GD psychopath. Like, at what point is he going to be like, “Whoa, sorry, caps.” There’s no way someone can mean to have caps lock on that much and be a sane, healthy person. Oh, right. Got it.

Finish Your Drink

If he says some petty shit about “Crooked Hillary.” I would say pour one out for HRC in this instance, but honestly you’re gonna need that drink, honey.

Make A New Drink

If he @’s the wrong person. You deserve it, your president can’t even figure out how to win the electoral vote properly start shit on twitter.

Honestly, Just Chug The Whole Bottle

If he says something sexist/racist/transphobic/homophobic/Islamaphobic, or casually threatens to start World War 3 with North Korea. Time to blackout, betches.

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
Irene makes jokes, understands politics, and has legit perfect eyebrows, all in a day’s work. Dumb bitch women really can have it all! This bio took her three days and five nightmares to write.