Betches Love This Game: Draw What?!

As fully functioning adults, we all know it can be a struggle to figure out what to do with your friends that’s not just getting fucked up. Blacking out is an acceptable activity on like an every other week basis, but what do you do in between? How about a highly offensive board game, sound good?

Whether you’re hanging out with your best friends or trying to break the ice with your roommate’s awkward hookup that won’t leave, Draw What?! is a super easy way to guarantee a good time for all involved. Basically, it’s like all your favorite childhood games rolled into one, but everything is about sex and drugs. After getting into teams (you have to have friends to play, sorry nicegirls), you’ll take turns choosing cards that you’ll have to draw or act out, and they’re not fucking around. Think like Charades and Pictionary, but also Cards Against Humanity. Shit’s getting raunchy, and we’re very down.

Betches also love learning, and Draw What?! is 100% full of things you never knew existed. From drug nicknames to crazy sex positions, there’s definitely a learning curve, which is why the game has a Dick-Sho-Nary that lets you look up whatever the fuck you have to draw. There are like hundreds of things, but we personally can’t wait for our guy friends to have to act out nipple tassels. Should be wild.

Draw What?! is available online (because who goes to real stores), and you should get it today because we fucking told you to. Seriously, it’s an amazing time and it’ll change your life, just like summer camp or Fifty Shades of Grey.

Check it out: