There’s an Adult Coloring Book Of Drake Crying

Somebody who went to art school and is now unemployed – don’t pretend to be surprised – decided to use their $250,000 tuition to make a Drake coloring book. How proud are his parents? Unsurprisingly, Drake is pictured crying in over half of the book, so at least you know it’s accurate.

drake coloring book

But it’s actually a decent idea, because adult coloring books are on trend for 2016, and this one is perfect to test how well you can color inside the lines when you’re halfway to a blackout. So pull out the Crayola markers, turn on a Spotify playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine, and color in Drake’s tear with different shades of blue. As Drizzy said, “all these drawings, and you still couldn’t picture us together.” 

drake coloring book


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