Don't Catch Flights *Or* Feelings: Weekend Horoscopes April 9-11

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The weekend is here, the weather isn’t horrible, people are getting vaccinated, and maybe, just maybe, there’s some light at the end of the this long, sh*tty tunnel. Idk about you, but the prospect of going on vacation or lying on a beach is really starting to appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love social distancing and telling strangers to step back every chance I get. I’ll probably do it for the rest of my life. It just might be nice to do that in a different location, you know? Anyway, here’s what the stars predict for you this weekend.


Work from home on Friday so you can be ready to tear sh*t up Saturday and Sunday. The moon is playing nice this weekend, so plan to make big changes—from your curtains, to your hair, to your attitude about your job. Whether you do better tackling large life feelings and changes alone or with friends is up to you—just be ready to be in your existential feelings about who you are and wtf you’re doing.


Emotional rollercoasters ahead, Taurus. Plan to spend some time powering down this weekend and reconnecting with nature, since your moods are about to be all over the f*cking place. Maybe try journaling under a tree, or relaxing in a hammock, or getting blackout at a winery. You do you. Just prepare for the the onslaught of emotions.


The Aries moon is making you feel a little off this weekend, Gemini, so don’t be surprised if you’re extra touchy, sensitive, or snappy around friends and fam. Plan on using Saturday to quietly clean or watch a bunch of murder docs. Sunday can be for catching up on work emails, laying in the sun, and spending quality time with your dog.


Get out, enjoy the weather, and live a little, Cancer. This weekend the moon is actually making decent moves for you, and you’ll be the center of attention and the life of the party wherever you end up. Host a grill-centric dinner party Saturday with a few close friends, or plan on morning brunch with your besties Sunday. Just make sure you get a good amount of rest, relaxation, and play in; this next work week is going to blow.


Energy is your middle name this weekend, Leo. You’re going to want to tackle all the things, from deep cleaning your apartment to f*cking off in Target for hours to calling your mom to having marathon sex with your partner. Chill out, and choose like, maybe one or two things to focus on. Sleeping in on Saturday is actually going to be way better than spending your paycheck on sh*t you don’t need.


Mars and Neptune are f*cking sh*t up in regards to you knowing what you want, Virgo. Take some time Friday night to be alone and do the whole introspection thing. Wake up on Saturday ready to communicate with your partner about what you really need in your relationship. The stars may actually help you get get it.


It’s all about relationships this weekend, Libra. If you’ve been meaning to delve into deep sh*t with your S.O., or have a come-to-Jesus moment with your mom, or maybe cut that toxic friend out of your life, this is the weekend to do it. Time alone on Friday to get your thoughts together before any big convos could be helpful, so maybe book yourself a yoga class complete with a solo wine and dine for the evening.


Even though everyone else is on the struggle bus during Aries season, you seem to be thriving, Scorpio. Take advantage of your good mood and call up some of your favs to hang with this weekend. An outdoor porch with bottomless mimosas sounds primo. Use Sunday to take some time for yourself before the Monday work meltdown hits.


Hooray for creativity, Sagittarius. Get your HGTV on and do some projects around the house or outdoors. Maybe it’s time to head to Home Depot and figure out how to make a container garden on your patio that’ll piss your downstairs neighbors off! If you’re not into planting sh*t or are afraid of horticultural murder, maybe opt for painting a picture or drawing something for your S.O. He’ll love that.


Avoid drama and be nice this weekend, Capricorn. The Aries planets are making you miserable and liable to start a fight, just like the rest of us. But they’re also highlighting family, so instead of arguing about sh*t, make a genuine effort to be compassionate, say nice things, and scream into a pillow instead of into someone’s face. It’s all about balance.


Grab your favorite person and head out on a short weekend trip, Aquarius. The universe is pushing you to leave the couch and explore, and since you can’t really book a trip to Bali right now without everyone thinking you’re an asshole, maybe a quick drive to that cute mountain town a few hours away will abate your wanderlust for a hot sec. It will also help you feel closer to whichever friend, S.O., or family member you decide to drag with you.


Pay attention to money this weekend, Pisces. More so than keeping track of your budget and not blowing your paycheck on sh*t you don’t need, it may be a good time to explore stocks and investing in something a teeny bit risky and something super safe. Ask your friend in finance if you need advice and don’t pull out of your 401(k).

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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