Don Jr. Spews Transphobia In Botched Attempt At Feminism

Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot. But his negative attributes don’t stop there. He’s also a complete douchebag. And lucky for us, he’s constantly proving his commitment to these two roles publicly. His latest showcasing of f*ckery took place on Twitter dot com, where he attempted to spew some hateful transphobic comments, but it completely backfired. Sucks to suck.

It all began when Don Jr. retweeted this from the Tucker Carlson (ew) funded website The Daily Caller:

Well, well, well, look who’s suddenly an advocate for women when he thinks it means he can spread some high-key transphobia? Sadly for him, TERFs can’t sit with us. We’ll not even give the gross mislabeling of “biological male” the time of day and move right on to Don Jr.’s dumbass comments. Clearly, Don Jr. has never done any reading ever/in general on the subject of trans athletes, because he doesn’t know wtf he’s talking out. And this came to haunt him when the athlete herself — cyclist Rachel McKinnon — caught wind of the tweet and schooled his ass.

Mckinnon noticed an influx of hate speech on her social media accounts, so she figured something was up.

And she quickly figured it out.

And then she proceeded to clap TF back.

And then others came to her aid.

Earlier this year, McKinnon spoke with Business Insider about the senseless argument that trans athletes are somehow gaming the system.

“We should never deny people’s rights because a select few, in theory, could commit fraud,” she said.

“The idea we should ban all immigrants because one or two might be terrorists is the height of racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. So their argument is the very definition of an irrational fear of trans women, the dictionary definition of transphobia.”

The idea that “men” are interested in briefly transitioning their gender to dominate women’s sports and then “go back” is not only offensive but thoroughly debunked by the fact that there has never been a trans athlete in the Olympics (even though they’ve been allowed to compete since 2004).

We love to see it.

Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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