Domino’s Will Deliver You Pizza If You Tweet At Them

So Domino's – a true gift from god – will let you order pizza via Twitter with the pizza emoji. Stoner betches and blackout betches rejoice – pizza delivered to your door with a single Tweet. Somebody realized that intoxicated people needed to be able to order food the same way that they drunk text, fucking finally.

How it works is super easy: you register your Twitter handle and your order on Domino's website while you're sober, like right now. Then whenever you need some empty calories in your life, you just Tweet at Domino's with the pizza emoji, and they'll DM you for details. Then you get a pizza delivered to you.



Domino's wants to expand this delivery service to Facebook and Instagram too, which I'm hoping means that they see if your drunk posting and automatically deliver you pizza.


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