We Found The Best Gift Ever For Your Lame Pregnant Friend

IDK about you, but I often dream about the food I’ll eat with reckless abandon once I get accidentally pregnant. Now Domino’s is making that even easier, by launching their very own baby registry. That’s right: Pregnant woman can now start a registry to let people know what kind of pizza they’d like. I’m starting to rethink motherhood.

The baby registry is actually not a new idea. Earlier this year they launched a wedding registry, so that friends and family can help newlywed couples begin the process of letting themselves go without the financial burden.

The baby registry also includes other shit like pizza themed onesies, shoes, and mugs because, TBH, why not give your baby a theme? The best part, of course, is that parents (aka moms and *maybe* the dad if she lets him have some of the crust or something) can receive actual pizza from people. The pizza comes in package with phrases like “Sleeping Through The Night,” “Hormonal and Hangry,” “The Gender Reveal,” and other shit that makes me never want to be pregnant ever.

You can sign up for your own registry at and like, TBH, I don’t see any reason a non-pregnant person can’t sign up. Like, it’s a free country. Make an account and then send it as a link to fuckboys that try to slide in your DMs. I bet at lease one will buy you pizza.