Does Being Slutty Make Me A Bad Person? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I am a freshly graduated freshman in college. Right off the bat that should tell you a lot about me. Not saying I’m bragging, but in my mind I absolutely slayed freshman year. Great roommates, great friends, good grades, a year filled with fun parties, drunken nights, and making the kind of stupid mistakes only 18 year olds can get away with.

Compared to the colleges my high school friends went to, my school is on the more sexually liberated side (aka there are a ton of gay guys and basically everyone gets with everyone). I love that— I've always been a sexual person but was in a serious relationships throughout high school, so arriving at this crazy sexual place finally single was a dream come true for me. I definitely had my share of fun, drunken escapades that my college friends and I would giggle about over brunch the next day. It was a great year.

Coming home for the summer though was a different story. My friends that I felt so close to in high school, and who I talked to constantly throughout the year, don’t feel the same way as me about sexuality. Instead of laughing over stupid drunk texts, they judge me. They think it's gross and demeaning to booty call. Recently, we were talking about how I had a brief, drunken fling with this beautiful boy who was in a relationship and my two best friends said that they felt I had “changed” since high school. They questioned my morals and said because I could have sex with a boy who was in a relationship that I have bad morals, and because I can have one night stands that I must not respect myself. Although I know sleeping with a person who is in a relationship is wrong, I also believe that just because I can do that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. This is a really long winded letter for a simple question, but since I hold you guys in the highest regard, I want you to guide me—does being a slut and making questionable sexual decisions really reflect my morals? Does it make me a bad friend, a bad family member, a bad person?

Your groupie,

Slutty In Seattle (JK I live in New York)

Dear Nympho in New York (does that work better?),

K, fuck your friends (literally and figuratively). Obv being slutty doesn't make you a shitty person, unless you happen to be a shitty person to begin with. Like, this isn't the 1950s, I thought we had all agreed that it's okay to be open about your sexuality. Unless you're constantly whining about how guys don't respect you and contracting a bunch of STDs while you continue to have one night stands, your friends have no right to call you out. Really, your only big misstep was the other woman situation you got yourself into. I'll let it slide since you're a freshman but don't do that again because as we've covered before, fucking other girls' bfs is v unbetchy.

My advice? Get some new friends who aren't total nicegirls.

You Can Sit With Us (for now),

The Betches


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