Do You Live In One Of The Bro-iest Neighborhoods In America?

Thrillist, America's broi-est internet magazine, decided to rank America's 12 bro-iest neighborhoods. Did yours make the list? I mean, I feel like where betches go, the bros follow – that's why women don't pay covers at bars, after all. Basically, if you manage to live in America but not in one of these 12 places, you're fucking lame. My 'hood, Clarendon, made the list and is described thusly:

So, you just graduated from Georgetown and got yourself a job where your boss isn’t also the guy sitting across from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Congrats. Now, where do you go to rock your Vineyard Vines, drink craft beer, and live with your college lacrosse teammate? Clarendon, of course, right across the river from DC in Virginia. It's where all the fresh-outta-school bros show off the extra cash before moving to Manhattan work in finance and be closer to family in Connecticut.

Swap out Georgetown for Virginia Tech or, like, JMU (I know, gross), and that's pretty on the nose. Other standouts include The Marina District in San Francisco, LoDo in Denver, Wrigleyville in Chicago and (of course) Murray Hill in New York. Seattle's Capitol Hill is also on the list, and I always thought that was more of a hipster haven than a bro enclave, but what do I know.

Peep the full list over at Thrillist (if you can handle all of that testosterone), and then come back here to argue with each other about it in the comments.


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