Disney Is Making Your PreTeen Dreams Come True

What a week for Disney Channel. We pretty much all know that the last great era of decent Disney shows was the Hannah Montana/The Suite Life of Zack & Cody/High School Musical period.

I don’t even know what fresh hell Disney is trying to brainwash children with these days, but it isn’t of the same quality or caliber of their gems of the past.

Get ready to call in sick to work. Disney announced it’s airing 51 of its most popular original movies in a four-day marathon. This means your favorite, and the best, DCOM’s will air for four days in a row and then be followed by encore presentations through June.

That’s right, Smart House, Halloweentown, Johnny Tsunami and Zenon are all back for your viewing pleasure.

As if the promise of a young Eric Von Detten (aka Brink) isn’t enough to get your pre-teen heart fluttering, Lizzy McGuire‘s Ethan Craft also announced he’s returning to the network.

Ethan Craft, played by Clayton Snyder, was the heartthrob you, Miranda, Lizzy and Kate all wanted to date. He’s older and rocking a less-early-2000’s haircut now. Don’t worry, he’s still hot though.

Snyder Instagrammed a picture of himself and his future castmates for the Disney XD show Second Star. It’s a show about a musically inclined group of siblings running their dead Grandfather’s music studio. Oh, also, these kids may or may not have parents. Classic Disney, amiright?


GUYS!! I’ve been involved with a Disney XD project, Second Star, and it’s going to be premiering at www.secondstar.tv this upcoming Tuesday, April 5, 4pm!! Here’s a blurb from our Facebook page on what the show’s about… “Second Star was created on the idea that a musical television show could employ quality radio-ready music, realistic character situations, and charming characters, while also exploring the relevant issues of life and growing up. Second Star does all that while also staying new and fresh every week, making it the perfect show for Disney XD.” I play the oldest of three musically-inclined siblings who inherit their grandfather’s recording studio, Second Star. With mom and dad out of the picture, I’ve been running a coffee shop to keep us afloat and keep us together. Family is everything… but so is music… And yes, I siiiing! It will help if you like the FB page (link in bio) and share with anyone else who may be interested! Thanks! Created by Richard Allen and co-starring Haley Michele Gorman @haleeymichele, Nickolas Eiter @nickolasmeiter, and Stephen Tyler Howell. #secondstar #disney #disneyxd #makertv

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