Diplo Makes Kickstarter To Raise Money For Taylor Swift’s Ass Implants

So Diplo and Katy Perry are apparently dating. Naturally Katy is a little reluctant to make this relationship super public after the Russell Brand debacle – seriously Katy what the fuck was that relationship? Anyways, they're a “thing”, and Katy must have Diplo super fucking whipped because he joined in on her feud with Taylor Swift.

Diplo – he's the dj who made twerking popular, so yeah you can thank him for having to watch your sorority sister drunkenly fall while trying to wall twerk – has an insane Twitter game. Like seriously, go follow him now. This week he tweeted “Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty.”  And then he actually made the kickstarter. The goal is $3500, which is pretty doable considering people crowd funded yet another embarrassing Zach Braff movie.



Now everybody and their mother is up in arms because body shaming. Taylor's bestie and one hit wonder Lorde responded with “should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it.” It's funny because it's as much of an insult to Diplo as to Katy. Can't you just see her and Taylor FaceTiming for an hour to come up with it.




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