Skinny Prosecco Is Here, And Brunch Will Never Be The Same

Say goodbye to the inevitable hangover that comes hours after a bottomless mimosa brunch. The alcohol gods have delivered us a wonderful present, and it’s this magical concoction called skinny prosecco that cuts out half of the calories and sugar of Champagne.

Hallelujah Thank You Jesus

Founder and obvious betch Amanda Thomson created a line of prosecco called Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco for wine lovers “who want something delicious and also want to know what’s in their bottle.” So cutting the bullshit marketing speak, she’s basically saying this shit is actually good for you won’t make you (as) fat.

This skinny prosecco is organic and has basically no added sugar. Each glass has only 67 calories, which is like, less than a green smoothie. Plus it’s like $20 a bottle, so you don’t have to hate yourself and your lack of disposable income while you get drunk.

The only bad news? It’s currently only available in the United Kingdom, and it’s got a fucking long wait list. But Amanda foresees skinny prosecco hitting the U.S. shelves in 12 to 18 months, so get your skinny jeans ready.



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