Did Kim Really Just Insta That!? Hilariously Awkward TBT of Nicole Richie

OMG this is probably one of the funniest pictures I've seen since the pictures of Anne Hathaway drowning. In the spirit of TBT Kim Kardashian instagrammed a throwback picture of her and teenage BFF Nicole Richie looking “oh so cool.” Let us just point out the fact that since Kim posted this pic, Kim obviously looks amazing here: young, happy, no botox. Meanwhile Nicole Richie looks like Dooneese Maharelle from SNL. 


Kim #153 WOULD. If I were Nicole right now I'd be like, Really…REALLY? You're really going to do that to me? At least put up a picture where we both look bad instead of posting one where you look like a model and I look like both Ren AND Stimpy. 

Even better is that Kim captions it as if she looks just as awkward as Nicole, which is as big of a joke as their thumbs up and Nicole's braces. I really can't with this picture, I just can't. Nicole should just post a picture of Kim with Ray J's dick in her mouth to settle this once and for all. 


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