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Did Amanda Bynes Get A Face Tattoo?

Well, that’s certainly one interpretation of “new year, new me”. Just after rumors that Amanda Bynes fled her sober living facility surfaced in December, she has resurfaced on Instagram with one remarkable difference. Well, three, actually. In one of her signature low-lighting selfies, Amanda revealed she’s back to what appears to be a red or pink hair color, has a new septum ring, and… wait for it… a face tattoo. I know, I didn’t want it to be true either, but it appears to be real.

The tattoo in question is a small heart on Amanda’s cheek, and I must get this out of the way: it is poorly drawn. It looks like the type of heart you would doodle with your non-dominant hand just to see if you could do it. That is all well and good on your Earth Science notebook, or really any other part of your body, but your FACE??

Amanda Bynes face tattoo

In typical Amanda fashion, her caption is frustratingly sparse and has little, if anything, to do with the actual picture. I’m hoping that this isn’t a real tattoo, and she just drew it on in pen to f*ck with us. New Year’s pranks are a thing, right?

One good thing about this picture is that Amanda appears to be home/with family. Now, I don’t know for sure if that is her home, or the people in the background are her family (can the Internet sleuths from Don’t F*** With Cats help me confirm, please?) but she’s not alone, at least.

In December, OK! Magazine reported that Amanda, who is under a conservatorship, was seeking to have her mother removed as a conservator and replaced with a third party. They reported that her parents were worried she would start using again and would not finish college as she had planned.

Despite hinting at a return to acting to Paper magazine in November of 2018, due to recent developments (the face tattoo), that may not be in the cards right now. It may not be the best thing for Amanda to return to the spotlight anyway, and we all want her to be healthy and in a good place. So let’s leave the face tattoos to SoundCloud rappers in 2020, ok?