Diane Keaton Thought Lena Dunham Was A Lesbian

Looks like those drugs from the ‘70s are finally catching up with Diane Keaton…because she thought Lena Dunham was a lesbian. Just to clarify, while Lena’s a big LGBT advocate, she’s in a long-term relationship with fun! musician Jack Antonoff, so no, Diane, she I’d say she’s not a lez.

Apparently, this all went down at Jennifer Aniston’s Christmas party of all places, and was prompted by Keaton’s assumption that Lena was Judd Apatow’s date. We get it, Annie Hall, you’re old and your memory’s starting to go, but come on. How many false accusations can you make in a night, babe? In case you’ve been living under a rock, Judd Apatow is the brains behind basically all of your favorite comedies, like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and has been married for, like, ever to Leslie Mann. So, to recap so far—Lena Dunham: not a lesbian, also not Judd Apatow's new gf.

Seriously, I can’t wait for this to be a storyline on Girls next season, because it just keeps getting better. According to Dunham, Diane literally asked her, “Do you even like men? Are you interested in men?” If we didn’t think Lena Dunham was a betch before this whole debacle, we def do now. In the span of probs 7 minutes of what was supposed to be cocktail chit chat, she was pretty bluntly grilled about her sexuality and relationship status—and since there haven’t been any headlines declaring the latest celeb feud, we assume she handled it like a true betch. Aka she texted all her friends about it and they hate her, and as a result they’re collectively boycotting all Diane Keaton middle-aged romcoms from now on.

Tbh, DKeats is kind of a betch, too. It was a pretty ballsy move to go in on Lena like that, but she just said fuck it, and did it anyway. So props to you—even though, you have wrinkles, you still kinda kill it.


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