Dems Are Using Their State Of The Union Guests To Troll Trump

The hottest club in Washington DC tonight is the State of the Union! Anyone who is anyone (on the hill) has the exclusive invite and this year they’re bringing more guests than ever. It’s the first SOTU since the longest government shutdown in American history (remember that?) So who is on the invite list?

Well along with the usual suspects aka the Senate and House of Representatives, there will be an onslaught of new faces at the event this evening. Lawmakers are specifically bringing guests to piss of Trump, which is a party power move and we must respect it as such. Here is who we will be seeing in the hallowed halls of the House Chamber.

1. Elizabeth Warren

2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren is bringing a government worker who was affected by the shutdown. Oh, the shade!

2. Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin also went the “remind everyone Trump shut down the government” route by inciting an air traffic controller!

3. AOC

I mean, we all knew Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would bring out the big guns. She’ll be attending the SOTU with the activist famous for yelling at Jeff Flake in an elevator over the Kavanaugh nomination.

4. Rep. Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas is out here reminding us that trans troops are already serving in the military, and that their sacrifice won’t be forgotten no matter what the administration’s policies are.

5. Rep. Sharice Davids

Freshman Rep. Sharice Davids is bringing a health care advocate with her. Which party was it that wanted to repeal Obamacare again?

As is the case with all parties, there will be some guests in attendance who are not as much the vibe and everyone is low-key wondering why they’re invited.

First Lady Melania Trump

Far be it for any of us to say a child should be bullied or should not be at the SOTU just because he has an unfortunate last name, but isn’t it kind of rude to bring a bullied child to a speech by biggest bully on Earth? Just a thought…

Rep/Goblin Steve King

Actual white supremacist who serves in our government Steve King invited Diamond and Silk, two Trump supporting YouTube ladies who conservatives are obsessed with. Congrats to them?

Of course there is one person who will not be at the SOTU this evening and that is the designated survivor in case everyone is blown to smithereens in the House Chamber. Imagine being lucky enough to not have to listen to Trump talk for an hour.

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