dELiA*s Is Coming Back

Remember a while back when we all mourned the loss of one of our fave preteen retailers, dElia*s (or however the fuck they stylize it)? Well, get your graphic tee and charm bracelets because Delia's is back, betches. Well, sort of. You won't be able to go to a Delia's at the mall (but if you spend that much time at the mall you should probs reevalute your life choices anyway), but apparently so many people were upset that a store they haven't shopped at in 10 years was closing that they voiced their outrage via the internet, and so
Delia's will reopen their store online only. Looks like I can finally get that shirt with a picture of smiling cheese wearing a grill that says “GRILLED CHEESE” after all. TG, it's the little things.

Tbh while I was sad to see a staple of my adolescence go, I don't really see the point in bringing Delia's back. Like pretty sure everyone who was upset about it closing was just being nostalgic and didn't give a fuck one way or the other if Delia's actually disappeared from the mall. I took a peek at their instagram and once the graduation goggles cleared out I realized there's actually nothing special to Delia's as a brand? Like if you like shirts with generic floral designs or anchors or polka dots that you can get basically anywhere, by all means I'm sure Delia's is your shit. But for the rest of us betches, I'll be adding Delia's to my online shopping destinations right after Aeropostale and Limited Too.


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