Deez Nuts for President 2k16

The 2016 Presidential Campaign has turned into a bigger shit show then your first college blackout. If you thought that nobody could beat the Republican Party's pledge class, then you were wrong. Deez Nuts is an Independent candidate that is winning 9% of the vote in North Carolina in comparison to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which makes him “the most successful independent candidate” in 20 years.

ICYMI and haven't interacted with a boy in the past six-months, deez nuts went viral after Insta videos of some guy saying it as a punchline for pretty much any question asked. But it's gone much further than an Internet star, now Deez Nuts is a person running for president.

Deez Nuts is doing better than most of the other Democrat and Republican candidates, but he's also a 15 year old from a fly over state. What a plot twist. Brady Olson decided to fuck with everyone in America by filing a bunch of forms as a third-party candidate. So while you were worried about what dress you were going to wear to homecoming, he was busy creating a political platform and running for president. Grool.

Brady can't actually be president, because he's 15 and has never held public office before, but IDGAF because it's fucking hilarious. Some kids are athletic, other kids troll the entire United States of America. Watch this supercut video of journalists saying “Deez nuts” to feel better about your job.


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