Will This Bro Ever Date Me? Dear Betch…

Big news betches, we're doing a special 'Dear Betch' series in partnership with the movie That Awkward Moment to decode reader-submitted texts and the guys behind them. The movie comes out on January 31st and Zac Efron's in it, sooo like you should obvi go see it.

Dear Betch,

So I've hooked up with this really hot bro a few times. He's two years older than me and on the lacrosse team, and we met at his frat's Christmas party last semester. There was a lot of sexual tension and we talked the whole night and made out, but nothing else. I obvi gave this super hot bro my number and we texted constantly. We also hung out and watched movies in his room a few times (alone!) over finals week, and then over break he invited me to come hang out at his house. (We live like 30 mins away from each other at home, but I thought it was cute that he wanted me to meet his mom, right?) So anyway, now we're back at school and he's texted me to hang out a bunch of times and I've been busy, but every time I suggest we get together outside of me just “coming over” he says he's busy. And then he always makes me feel guilty for never hanging out with him even though I've suggested plans like a million times and he's said no. Do you think it's just miscommunication or he's only using me for sex?


Confused or used?



Dear Confused or used,

Stephanie Pratt could tell you that this guy is just trying to hook up. Seeing as he shut down YOUR offer to get drinks, he’s clearly not interested in dating. Here’s the thing, guys like this are shady shits. They don’t want to bring you out in public because they don’t want to declare to their friends that they’re going out with you. Or…. they have a girlfriend. Regardless DON’T HOOK UP WITH THEM. Despite how much he’ll charm his way into your mind while making you feel guilty that you never want to hang out with him, remember that they’re just words. If this guy wants to chill he should put forth effort to chill, not the other way around. I’d say this is a simple case of the awkward “I just wanna bang you in private” move that bros pull hoping to get some ass without doing any work.

We sincerely hope you didn’t hook up with him,

The Betches

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