Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I met this lax guy at a bar 4 weeks ago, and we hit it off and have been hooking up since. He is funny, nice and we get along great. All of his team mates have told me he likes me, but this weekend shit hit the fan. Friday night he texted me, asked me to hang out, and then said he was falling asleep and we will hang Saturday “for sure”. Saturday night, texts me, asks me to hang out and then said he was sooo sorry he was falling asleep again, and that Sunday night we will hang out. no excuses. Pan into Sunday night, he doesn't even text me and I am dumb enough to text him and say, hey you still down to chill tonight? and he responds “up to you. what are you doing.” I say just chilling… and then he invites me over to hang out with him and his team mates….

I really like him and before this weekend everything was super chill….does this guy like me like everyone says, before this weekend i thought so, but now i am really not sure.

Help me.
Possible delusional lax dater

Dear Possible Delusional Lax Dater,

In the college dating world not hanging out because  you're “falling asleep” = you're with another hookup that you met out that night. I know this because I've used this line. Many times. When you're in a non-exclusvie hooking up relationship, the weekends are your time to find new people to hook up with and if you don't find anything that night you text your #18 fuck buddy. You = fuck buddy. If you do find someone new and perhaps better and don't want to make your fuck buddy feel bad/want to keep hooking up with them on a different night you'll say you fell asleep/are super tired/have to get up early the next morning/too drunk to function/whatever. This excuse is great because it allows you to keep hooking up with said person while not looking like a huge slut/man whore and it has the added benefit of making you more elusive to person #1 because you're giving them a slight rejection.

This guy very well may like you but he doesn't like you enough to date you or is not ready to settle down. He's in college and he's trying to get it in with a lot of girls he probably likes. You should do the same because this guy isn't committing anytime soon. Don't get played betch, monogamy is so not a lacrosse thing.


The Betches


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