We Have Evidence Dean Unglert Is Visiting Kristina Schulman Right Now

I fucking love the internet, because in addition to it giving me a job, it also provides me with a never-ending stream of gossip. Earlier this week Danielle L. spilled the tea about Dean’s fuckboyish ways, claiming that after dumping her on national television for Kristina, he called her at her hotel room MERE MINUTES after filming wrapped. Shady. But now, thanks to the genius minds over at The Bachelor subreddit (yeah, I Reddit, persecute me), there’s evidence that Dean is visiting Kristina AS WE SPEAK. Slow claps for Reddit, fam. The website that keeps me distracted at my job while also providing me with fodder for said job. What a place.

Approximately 13 hours ago, Dean posted this very cute Snap Story:

Dean Unglert Snap Story

Yes, that caption is A1 and the dog is very cute and it’s probably dangerous that he’s in the driver’s seat. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT’S SHADY HERE. Some eagle eye Reddit user noticed that that intersection, Armstrong Mill Road, exists in none other than Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky, as you may recall, is the current residence of none other than Kristina Schulman. So what does this mean? It means that Dean is probably visiting Kristina right now. Or like, as of 13 hours ago. Close enough. Either that, or he’s visiting Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rulesbut the Kristina angle seems way more likely, so that’s the one I’m pursuing.

Other Reddit users confirmed that they recognize the intersection as being in Lexington, so I’m taking that as concrete proof that Dean is there. Even shadier? He deleted the Snap Story about an hour after the post hit Reddit. Looks like he’s got something to hide. Well, you can run drive, but you can’t hide, Dean. We see you. All of Bachelor nation sees you.