David Letterman Feels Bad About Monica Lewinsky Jokes And Other Political News

And none for Vladimir Putin: poll shows that Ukraine favors Europe

A new poll by CNN shows that Ukrainians want to be part of Europe more than they do Russia. Umm, of course they do. Europe has chocolate and fancy French shit and good wine. Russia has Putin and…yea that’s pretty much it. Keep in mind, this poll took into account ALL parts of Ukraine, which is interesting considering that some of the country’s border areas have allegedly “voted” to declare independence in support of Russia. The numbers don’t lie, betches. Basically, Europe=In, Russia=out…not that they were ever really “in” but you know what I’m saying. Sorry, Vlad. You can try Sears. Read article >>

Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton might be brain damaged

Back in 2012, Hillary Clinton supposedly got a concussion. This is somehow relevant two fucking years later because former Bush advisor Karl Rove wants Clinton to “cough up those medical records” because she could be “brain damaged.” According to Rove, if Clinton runs for President, having received a concussion could affect her ability to perform as commander in chief. Umm, considering Clinton has been doing her job and functioning as a normal human being for the past two years, she’s fucking fine. And if we’re going to start calling people out for being brain damaged, I’m pretty Sarah Palin would be a better person to start with. Read article >>

David Letterman feels bad about making fun of Monica Lewinski

David Letterman apparently regrets making so many Monica Lewinsky jokes back in the day. The “Late Show” host commented on the issue last week when he and Barbara Walters discussed Lewinsky’s recent Vanity Fair article. Letterman stated: “I started to feel bad, because myself, and other people with shows like this, made relentless jokes about the woman…I feel bad about my role in helping push the humiliation to the point of suffocation.” Letterman also noted that Lewinsky is still the subject of many jokes, something that is probably going to get worse now that she’s brought herself back into the public spotlight. Read article >>


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