Daughter of Yeezus Gets Baptized In Jerusalem

Kim and Kanye took North West to be baptized in Jerusalem, Israel because they're pretty sure she's the second coming of Jesus Christ. In their latest attempt to outshine Jay-Z and Beyonce as parents, KimYe chose Jerusalem instead of Calabasas to make sure the event was “special.” The only thing surprising about the whole event is that Khloe is North's godmother and legal guardian if Kim and Kanye die. Kourtney also chose Khloe to be her children's godmother, but half of the plot on KUWTK is that Khloe and Kourtney are besties and Kim and Kris are twins, so it's a little confusing that Kris wasn't tapped.

Story True: they asked Anna Wintour to be North's godmother first, but after North's tantrum at New York Fashion Week she refused.

With Kim and Khloe's diplomacy trip coming to an end, Kris Jenner must be very busy lobbying President Obama to make them official ambassadors. Yes that sounds ridiculous, but she also made millions off Kim's 72 day marriage so don't doubt her.




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