The Kardashians Were Robbed (Again)

The Kardashians probably thought they were done dealing with robberies after 2016, but it wasn’t to be. This week, some batshit girl ran out of the DASH boutique in Los Angeles with $1,600 of merchandise and got away in her car. Police have reportedly been unable to find her yet, but she’ll probably be walking around in some hideous leopard print top and chunky bracelets pretty soon.

This robbery occurred in the same week that the people behind the Paris robbery were arrested, but these two crimes are definitely not on the same playing field. Sixteen people were arrested for conspiring in the million dollar jewelry heist, while this dumb girl probably just stuffed some swimsuits in her purse.

We don’t know anything about what kind of security they have at DASH, but based on what we see on the show, it was probably just two twenty-something girls folding clothes in the back by themselves, so they were probably due for a shoplifting incident sooner or later. The DASH dolls are fun and all, but they’re not exactly prepared to handle this kind of situation. We’d say Kim is upset about this, but realistically she hasn’t set foot in that store in years.

If anything good can come of this, we really hope to see Kris Jenner in a detective outfit running around the streets of Los Angeles looking for the thief. That’s really all we want.