Dean Continued To Act Like A Fuckboy To Danielle L. After 'Paradise'

The problem I have with a lot of these Bachelor celebs is that they choose to attempt to find love on what’s basically a television game show and then get really whiny when they get played. I mean, you had to at least sort of realize that could happen. Enter Danielle L. She gave a pretty detailed interview to Us Magazine about her time on this season of Bachelor in Paradise ending with, you guessed it, complaining about Dean.

Let’s backtrack. So Danielle tells Us that she signed up for BiP because she thought it’d be a good experience and a way to find love, despite the fact it had the reputation of being a spring break-esque, crab-ridden hookup fest. She said her friends who had done the show previously said it was a really great time so she was like, “sure, what the hell.”

Danielle then starts in about how Dean didn’t tell her about Kristina. Well, duh, he’s a dude. I can’t even get my boyfriend to tell me about his ex, like Dean’s going to tell you about someone he’s actually currently dating. Kristina, apparently, didn’t make it known that she was totes in love with Dean either. So D-Lo thought it was all fair game, or something.

Side Eye

We basically all saw the rest play out on TV. But what happened between that beach breakup with D-Lo and Dean and the reunion on the finale? Shockingly, Dean was still acting like an indecisive fuckboy MOMENTS AFTER filming wrapped. This fucking guy.

D-Lo alleges that Dean called her as soon as they got to the hotel, told her the producers baited him into the breakup and that he wanted to keep hanging out with her. When they got back to LA, they DID hang out. Like, girl, really? This guy embarrassed you once on national TV, you’re going to forgive him after a few missed phone calls and an apology where he blamed TV producers?

Boy Bye

K nvm, I can’t really blame her for that. It would take a lot less for me to forgive that dude, and I don’t even know him, but I’m a straight human woman with eyes so it’s kinda easy to see why she welcomed him back into her heart and probably vagina. 

As for Dean, Danielle says she’s more disappointed and frustrated with him than anything. He made it seem like he only wanted her for her looks. She must have been real pissed about it because it spurred her to post an Insta of them kissing where she complains about how hard it is to be so pretty. SMDH. Your life is harder than starving kids in Africa because you have been plighted with good looks. C’mon now. No one feels bad for you.

Danielle Lombard Dean Unglert

So do we buy that she’s over Dean? Not really. I’m not even over Dean. She’ll probably pull an all-of-us and run back to him if he ever decided he could be slightly less of a fuckboy and give it the old college try. Dean should probs just run for president at this point because he too, could shoot someone on 5th Ave and wouldn’t lose votes—at least not from women, anyway.