It’s Not Even October 3rd And Aaron Samuels Is Back In Action

We hate to say this but: Dancing with the Stars is now a must watch. Ugh, that sentence makes us want to take an acid bath. Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls will be a contestant this fall. The show pairs “celebrities” with professional dancers, has them learn to “dance”, and then lets America vote for the “best”.  It's written into his contract that his hair always has to be pushed back, because his hair looks sexy pushed back. Normally we reserve watching D list celebrities on reality television for the Real Housewives but DWTS just stepped up its game. We're starting a Kickstarter for Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams to show up and stage a bitch fight during an episode. Thank you Aaron Samuels for being desperate enough to voluntarily humiliate yourself on national television, we can't wait to see you dance the Samba.




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