The CW Is Making a TV Series Based on The Notebook

I'm not even going to waste my time discussing the cultural significance of Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. If you haven't watched it while binge eating cookie dough with your besties and sobbing or tried to get your bf to watch it, then you're living your life wrong. Also, if you haven't read our in-depth analysis of the Notebook than you haven't really lived. 

Anyway, The CW – the geniuses who brought us Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries – have decided to produce a new show based on Allie and Noah, because “It wasn't over, it still isn't over.” The show will be all about them as young adults aka after Allie leaves her rich, successful fiance but before she gets Alzheimers. But it won't be all boat rides and making out in the rain, the producers say it will be set “against the backdrop of the racial politics, economic inequalities, and social mores of post-World War II of the late 1940s in North Carolina.”

So think, The Help meets The Notebook with shitty teenage actors from The Carrie Diaries. Start preparing for your viewing party now because this is either going to be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.


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