The CW Is Bringing Back 'Charmed'

Were you a Piper, Prue, or Phoebe? I mean, obvs none of us were Prue, which was probably just because she was the oldest and most boring, and also she def died and got replaced by Rose McGowan as Paige. Anyway, back when the best TV shows were actually on regular TV, Charmed was one of our favorites because it involved dressing slutty, sisterhood, and betchy powers. Well CW has decided to bring Charmed back and we’re honestly a little excited.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the show isn’t going to be a direct prequel or sequel, just a spinoff of the original show. So we’ll probably see three sisters but the chances of seeing any original cast are probs low. It’s also going to be set in the 70s, so who knows, maybe there will be a time traveling episode to the future.


If magic is coming back, does this mean Sabrina the Teenage Witch might return? God, we hope so. Regardless, this show is going to be on the CW, and we kind of trust them to do teen TV shows right. At the very least we can expect some good music to come out of it.