Cubs Pitcher Throws No-Hitter, Team Celebrates with Footie Pajamas and Champagne

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta pitched a no-hitter for the first time in his career Sunday night. This is a big fucking deal. Like a huge highlight of his career. But he celebrated like a normal human would: broke out a bottle of Dom Perignon, and put on his footie pajamas.

…Yeah. Kind of amazing.

Even better, Arrieta's ensemble wasn't just a generic onesie. It was adorned with the finest of mustaches.


But Arrieta wasn't the only Chicago Cub to be trotting around in his skintight pajamas. The entire team joined him in celebration.


And there's Jake in the front, chugging his champagne. In his onesie.


The Cubs may never win another World Series title (it's been over one hundred years, so…), but at least they've won our hearts.






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