Courtney Stodden To Donate Proceeds From Her Sex Tape To Charity

Scum sucking road whore Courtney Stodden – the teenager who has FFF size boobs and married a middle aged D-list actor – is releasing a sex tape, because that's what the world really needs. Allegedly, the sex tape is her “performing solo sex acts” like a blooper reel from American Pie and she originally made it as an audition tape for a porn company. Somebody found the footage and is threatening to release it. Real talk, how do celebrities take nude photos and make sex tapes and not think they're going to get hacked or stolen at this point. How many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Reddit threads do they need to see before they realize that naked footage doesn't stay secret anymore? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Anyways, Courtney has decided to release the footage through a porn company before this asshole can, so she can still get money from it. But, she's pulling a Mother Theresa and donating all of the money to charity. It's kind of a combination of Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice. So beneath those layers of plastic and silicon, there is still a heart.


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