Counterpoint Music & Arts: Betches Love This Festival

Festival season is upon us, betches, and it’s time to clue you all in on a festival that might not be on your radar, but it should be: Counterpoint Music & Arts Festival, aka Counterpoint.

Who: Not so fast, you’re going to have to work for the lineup. As in, you’ll have to read the whole post first. I know, life is unfair sometimes.

What: It’s a music festival, we’ve covered this.

When: Finally, a legit question. It’s going to be held May 22-24, aka Memorial Day weekend. I know you don’t have anything planned yet so why not move your beach weekend to a music festival? You’ll get a tan and some great stories to tell. Sounds like a clear winner to me.

Where: Kingston Downs, Georgia, basically on a farm about an hour outside of Atlanta.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about what’s betchy about Counterpoint, because there are a lot of things.

  • It’s a music festival. Duh.
  • The timing. As we previously stated, it’s Memorial Day weekend so you unless you work for fascists, you get that Monday off anyway. That’s plenty of time to recover.
  • The weather. For all you non-ATLiens, Georgia is hot in May but not so hot that you’ll want to kill yourself (like some other festivals).
  • The size. If you’re new to festivals or you just don’t like being trapped in seas upon seas of sweaty people, Counterpoint is where you want to go. It’s got multiple stages, but the grounds are not THAT expansive, meaning you probably won’t lose your friends. At least, not for the entire weekend.
  • The price. GA tickets are only $175 for the entire weekend, so you’ll have plenty of money left over to blow at the bar.
  • The lineup. Obv you go to a music festival for the music. Last year Counterpoint’s headliners included Outkast and Pretty Lights (ever heard of them?) and this year’s lineup does not disappoint. Check it out below, then start planning your road trip down to the A.

So betches, it’s time to get your fringe bikini bod back into shape and make your flower headbands. We’ll see you at Counterpoint.


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