BREAKING: Corinne's Nanny's Cheese Pasta Recipe Revealed

On this week’s episode of Nick Viall dry humping sluts in different locations, one of said sluts revealed her nanny makes dope cheese pasta. Don’t try to unpack that sentence BTW. It is what it is.

Suspend your criticism of Corinne having a nanny for, like, two seconds, because I would give like, so much to have a nanny around to do all my shit. Jeals.

Anyway, aparently when Corinne’s nanny isn’t whipping up a healthy lunch of only cucumber slices, she makes amazing cheese pasta. It it macaroni and cheese? Is it fettucine alfredo? Is it some kind of amazing special velveeta-based cheese sauce over tortellini? Thanks to the good people at Delish, we have an answer.

Are you ready for this?

  • Boil pasta for 10 minutes (add some salt to water).
  • Strain out all water.
  • Add pasta back to pot, keeping it on low heat.
  • Add a lot of shredded cheese.
  • Mix until all the cheese melts.
  • That’s fucking it.


I’m literally so disappointed. We have all made this fucking recipe while enduring a major cheese craving while blackout like a million times. Either that or you don’t have any Kraft mac and cheese so you attempt to be culinary and make your own and it kind of sucks but you’re starving and probz drunk so you don’t care.

I guess it’s kind of expected knowing poor nanny Raquel’s specialty is chopping up raw vegetables and hand-feeding them to a dumpster fire in a blonde wig.