Cops Raid Amanda Bynes’ House

After the nudie bathroom selfies Mandy posted last night and the one fan-tweet she chose to retweet (“manda manda manda manda manda showwwwwwwwww”) which we imagine is a transcript of her brain activity, Jonathan Jaxson, Kim Kardashian's ex-publicist, tweeted “I just spoke to @AmandaBynes and she is soooo messed up on drugs and please @NY_POLICE find her and help her! I don't know her address! @TMZ.” 

Then, for some reason Jenny McCarthy decided to chime in. But while reading her tweets (below) we weren't so much paying attention to what she was saying as much as how she couldn't spell anything that she was trying to fucking say. 

We don't know the status of Mandy's alleged arrest or house visit but we figure it would have been quite the experience to walk into the Amanda Bynes Home while she's snapping pics of herself spread eagle on the bathroom sink. Oh but Jenny McCarthy knows all about that. 


Mandy just tweeted at Jenny Mc that the cops weren't at her house last night. And now she's calling her old and ugly. This is going to be amazing. 


Ugh they made up. How boring. 

The only thing Amanda should get arrested for is excessive use of exclamation points. Calm down, this isn't a work email. 



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