Cool Mom Sarah Palin Raided Her Teenager’s Closet For Her SNL 40 Outfit

Sarah Palin committed a crime against fashion humanity last night at the Saturday Night Live 40 year anniversary. Like if you had to walk away from your computer after seeing this ensemble, I'd completely understand. Let's take it this one terribly styled piece at a time.

– The BumpIt and side bangs combo. I get that this woman is stuck in 2008, but seriously it's time to move on.

– The sparkly, white, sleeve cutout dress…Apparently she came from a bat mitzvah.

– The chunky bracelets – statement ring combo was just way too much to handle. Unless you're Rachel Zoe, you really only need one oversized accessory.

– The open toed, pump-boot hybrid shoe thing is the definition of mom-couture.

Besides the fact that she looks like she raided her 13 year old daughter's closet, homegirl's body is phenomenal. Like she's 51 years old and has a better body than most 30 year olds. God bless you Sarah Palin, you keep me young.


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