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Cool Mom Packs Daughter Four Loko for Lunch

Mother’s Day is over, but it’s not too late to celebrate the mom of Mckenzie Strange (an actual person’s name), who packed her daughter a Four Loko for lunch this week. In telling the story to Buzzfeed, 17-year-old Mckenzie said that her mom always packs her lunch before school (because she would never do that peasant shit herself), but that the meals are typically alcohol-free. So naturally, upon seeing the neon camouflage of a Four Loko can tucked in her bag, she immediately texted her mom to begin exploiting her for social media likes.

When asked what drink she’d packed her mom replied saying, “Idk. I think tea. Or energy.” Personally I see nothing wrong with describing Four Loko as “energy tea,” or Xanax as an “everyday multi-vitamin,” but apparently the internet found her response hilarious, and so Mckenzie’s lunch and her mom’s corresponding texts have gone viral.

Following all this, Mckenzie’s mom is reportedly very embarrassed about her mistake, and attributes the mix-up to her 23-year-old son, who stored the Four Loko in a refrigerator the family doesn’t normally use. Despite her playing dumb, I’d still like to think this woman is a hero who was just trying to help her daughter take the edge off of third period Social Studies.