Company Films Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time, Hilarity Ensues

So this company had three grandmothers get high as fuck and filmed it. Please let them win an Oscar for this. This video is great because the grandmothers are betches.


The one in black turtleneck and pink shawl is Samantha Jones from SATC. She's so high, her resting betch face collapses into giggles. She legit hides her face because she feels like she's smiling, she automatically assumes the vape is a dildo and nicknames queefing “pussy farts”, and she calls out the other grandmothers for not taking a big enough hit and for cheating at Jenga.

The one in the middle is Blair Waldorf. Her best contributions to the video are “I totally lost track of what you were talking about” aka I stopped listening the minute you opened your mouth, and “I'm feeling like I really don't care” aka IDGAF where the fuck is my Taco Bell?

But the one on the end, homegirl that is wearing pink-on-pink: 1992 called and they want their shitty perm back. This grandmother is every betches' frenemy. She loses her shit on the first inhale, tries to cheat at some dumb game with sticks, and is overly enthusiastic about saying “bleached asshole”. But her absolute worst is: “I think I really inhaled a lot, but I don't feel as high as they feel.” Yeah, you know that girl who thinks she has the higher tolerance even though she's already taken off her heels and tried to make out with the wall earlier that night. Either she's overcompensating because even while high she's still boring as fuck, or she's already blackout: either way, it's time for her to take a knee.

Thank you so so much to whoever made this video, it truly shows that betches are timeless.


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