A Full-Body Workout You Can Do During Commercial Breaks

We heard Kendall Jenner say in an interview once that she works out during commercial breaks, and needless to say, we were floored. Working out while watching TV is literally mixing two opposite vibes, but then again, if a few minutes here and there really does the trick for Kendall, it might be worth a try. Plus, Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette is so boring anyway, so maybe burning a few cals would actually make the two hours worth our time. If you thought your most impressive multi-tasking skill was ordering an Uber at the pregame while taking your last shot, think again. Here’s a full-body workout you can do during only five commercial breaks…so like, you can do this routine a full 17 times during one episode of The Bachelorette.

Break #1:

Take the first commercial break to warm your body up and get ready for your actual workout, since we don’t want to dive into anything too extreme before the first group date. Start by doing 10 air squats, 10 jumping jacks, and 5 burpees. Repeat this pattern as many times as you can until the break is over. These three moves will warm up your body and get your heart rate up, so give it your all since it’s only a few minutes.


Break #2:

Now that your body is warmed up, it’s time to start burning some calories. Put down the bottle of red wine and get ready to sweat. In 30 second intervals, alternate between mountain climbers and plank jacks. For your mountain climbers, start in a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists, and jog your knees into your chest. For your plank jacks, you can drop down to a forearm plank to give your wrists a break, and jack out and in for 30 seconds. Make sure to stay in a plank position the whole time without swaying your hips.

Mountain Climbers

Break #3:

The third break is all about your abs, so expect to feel the burn pretty quick. We’re doing 10 regular crunches, 20 bicycles crunches, and then hold a side plank on each side of your body for about 30 seconds each. Go through this circuit as many times as you can, but don’t rush through it. The trick is to engage your core and move slowly so you feel your abs working and you’re not just using your arms and legs for momentum.

Bicycle Crunch

Break #4:

We’re letting your abs rest here, so it’s time to do some lower body moves. I mean, haven’t you heard that classic line “You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it”? Exactly, so get up and stop refreshing Instagram. You’re going to do 10 lunges per leg, 20 jump squats, and then do a wall sit for 30 seconds. If you’ve never done a wall sit, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hold a squat with your back against a wall, and make sure to go as LOW as you can. It’s called a wall SIT, so think airport bathroom stance, not sorority squat. We all know there’s a difference.

Wall Sits

Break #5:

This last break is going to be the last circuit in the workout, so it’s not time to get lazy and start fast-forwarding. You can lie on the couch all night after this, so put in some work while you can. You’re going to do push-ups for 30 seconds and burpees for 30 seconds and alternate between the two. Push-ups can be done on your knees if you can’t get your chest to the ground in the regular position, but make sure you’re not just slightly bending your elbows and calling that a push-up. Burpees should be done as fast as you can, but if you have a wrist issue, you can stick to squat jumps. Either way, your muscles should be shaking as you try to reach for that Merlot bottle once you’re done. 

Push Ups

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