Comedian Asks Strangers to Take a Picture Then Turns On the PDA

Is it wrong to take pictures of strangers making out?  I mean, PDA is pretty gross but in this video, that’s exactly what these strangers want.  In honor of International Kissing Day (which we didn’t know was a thing), this comedian asked strangers in Washington Square Park to take a photo of her and what appears to be her boyfriend.

When they comply, she starts going at it with him.  At one point she pushes him to the ground and gets on top of him. Most people are like “Uh… okay…” but one guy sets the phone down, clearly not amused by it.

The comedian who made the video is Farah Brook, who also posted a video of her trying to kiss people in Grand Central a few months ago.  I mean, at least they weren’t full on having sex, like that University of Delaware couple.



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