Come Party With Us In Miami For Xfinity Reality Week

As Samuel L. Jackson told us in the OG Jurassic Park, “hold on to your butts.” Xfinity Reality Week is coming.

WTF is Reality Week? It’s a celebration of all things fights, frenemies, and totally real and not scripted television that we all love to hate.

To celebrate, we’re flying down to Miami, where Xfinity is flipping a grotsky little bitch sports bar HGTV style and glamming it up as the Xfinity Reality Bar. This rad reality hotspot will be open to the public (so book your ticket now) as of January 6, 2019. Then, when the stars align and Mars is out of retrograde, we’ll get our bodies ready for the premiere of The Bachelor and what promises to be THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER with virgins, veiled football/sex analogies, and island love.

So what does this all mean for you, the average, sweatpants-wearing, wine-drinking home-body betch? It means you can watch us party it up and indulge in all things reality TV without even leaving your couch. If you (sadly) can’t fly to Miami and party with us, just say “Show me Reality Week” into your Xfinity X1 Voice Remote and access exclusive content including interviews, games, and viewing parties with your fav (and least fav) reality stars. We can’t think of a better way to spend these cold, miserable winter days than curled up with your reality TV addiction.

For all the details on the Xfinity Reality Bar, click here.

Images: Shutterstock; Xfinity