College Launches Campaign To See Which Fraternity Is The Ugliest

Greek students at York College of Pennsylvania, which I’m astonished to learn is a real place and not a fictional school mentioned in a teen drama on the CW network, have a problem: We don’t fit the stereotypes of bimbo sorority girls and jocular fraternity bros, ok you guys? To combat these stereotypes, which have for centuries led to the oppression of greek brothers and sisters everywhere, one brave girl launched the “We Are Not Our Stereotypes” campaign.

It’s an admirable effort, on par with those courageous patriots who campaign for things like “white history month,” but it ignores the root of their issue: Fraternities and sororities at York College of Pennsylvania are ugly as all hell. A sampling:

You don’t say!


Being an exec in your sorority doesn’t matter much when your GPA resembles an MLB batting average. More appropriately, it doesn’t matter much when your resume says “York College of Pennsylvania.”


Thanks, that wasn’t apparent from your gross beard and tiny camo hat. I bought a pair of shorts with whales on them today; I feel pretty good about that decision.


At least he acknowledges that his modeling career (or college) probably won’t work out.


No shit, they picked you. Also, the two are not mutually exclusive. To be fair, they haven’t exactly set a very high bar.


… says the guy who thinks that a fraternity, as an entity, can have “highest GPA on campus.”

Let’s all raise a glass and salute these brave brothers and sisters, who dared to defy the stereotype that greek students are attractive people with opinions worth listening to.


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