Red Wine Might Not Be That Good For You And Other Health News

Study tests health benefits of red wine

Apparently, drinking red wine doesn’t have the health benefits we thought it did. According to a new study, the antioxidant resveratrol that is thought to improve longevity actually has no benefits if you consume it at naturally occurring levels (ie. by drinking a glass of wine). However, many studies still support the claim that moderate alcohol consumption can be good for your heart, meaning you can still tell people you’re getting wine drunk for the health benefits. Just, in order to get the antioxidant benefits of red wine someone would have to drink “hundreds of glasses of red wine a day.” I think I speak for all the betches out there when I say: challenge accepted. Read article >>

Twins born holding hands

A photo went viral recently of two twin baby girls holding hands moments after being born. The reason why this happened is unclear. Some are saying it’s a sign of love. Others (who apparently want to ruin the cuteness for everyone) said the hand holding was not because of love, but the result of an instinct newborns have to clasp and grab. Either way, the photo has been seen by, like, everyone on the internet allowing the twins their 15 minutes of fame before they’re even a week old. I mean, at this rate, this could be the basis for a new show on TLC. Anything is an improvement on Honey Boo Boo. Read article >>

College football players have smaller brains

A new study testing college football players has found that the impact and injuries that occur in football can reduce the size of some regions in the brain. One of the main regions effected, according to the study, is the hippocampus which is responsible for regulating emotion and forming, storing, and processing memory. The study also showed that years of football can lead to slower reaction times. See, betches! Those football players at your college weren’t dumb because they got in on sports scholarships, they were dumb because they’re brain damaged. This makes, like, so much sense. Read article >>


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