Cody Simpson Sub-Snapchats Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid broke up a month ago, because **spoiler alert** long distance relationships don't usually work out. They dated for a super long time, so they're trying the whole ~ being friends ~ thing. This is why our generation is fucked, we think the real world is like Friends and Ross and Rachel's relationship is realistic.

Anyway, Cody posted an epic Snapchat of him and Gigi on a plane with the caption “when u get seated next to ur ex on a plane” with the skull emoji. Same Cody. The only thing worse than sitting next to your ex in an enclosed space for 3 hours is sitting next to someone you went to high school with. Obvi the whole thing is a joke, since the break up was “amicable” aka Cody is waiting for Joe Jonas to fuck up so he can slide back in.

As always, thanks Cody and Gigi for keeping us mildly entertained by a moderately relevant relationship.


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