The Official Celeb Fashion Breakdown of Coachella 2014

While many of you were in your living rooms celebrating Couchella 2014, celebs put on their hippie best and gathered amongst the plebs to listen to music that isn't theirs and/or get fucked up with other celebs this past weekend for Coachella 2014. It was a place where super hot people try to out-dress their exes' current celeb girlfriends while paparazzi follow them around. So not unlike a betch's Sunday afternoon. It's the mother of all mixers and the fashion is either really on point or fugly beyond comprehension. 

Kendall, Kylie, and Selena

Somebody call Morticia, these bitches are stealing her look. 

We don't hate Kylie's outfit because she loves that sorcerer shit but Kendall just looks like she's about to fly away or like feast on dead deer. 

Shop their exact look, but better: 



Kendall no!!! There's a lot about this that I can't handle. Specifically the cropped top. It reminds me of a top my foreign grandma would have gifted me back in 1991 that she purchased on sale from Kids R Us. I also dislike the shorts, the belt, the necklace, and the Red Bull. The only acceptable items are last year's Ray Bans and the floor length vest and the latter's only okay because, Coachella. Get it together Kendall. Are we at Coachella to get drunk or churn butter? 

Never get this look, shop its replacements: 


I meannnn saving the best for last?? It's simple, the nose ring is a statement, we get it. Kind of how my boyfriend is a statement at an all girls pregame. Must've felt like she had to pick her nose the entire day, though. 

Shop her look, but better: 



This was my personal fav of Kylie's looks. She dressed her age and didn't need to stick her sister's hoop rings up her nose to stand out. Meanwhile, Bieber was busy performing so Selena found someone new into whom to dig her claws. Personally I love Selena's floor length lacy dress, it perfectly accomplishes the daytime slutty look while still remaining chic.

Shop their looks, no need to upgrade:



Crochet, Knit, Lace, Hats, and Misc.

Who looked perf: Julianne Hough, Chanel Iman, Dianna Agron, Poppy Delevingne, Alessandra Ambrosio, 

Who looked “comfortable” but dorbs: Ashley Greene, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland

Who looked like her normal self: Katy Perry (cutie but your hair looks like my tongue after a serious sesh with fun dip) and Vanessa Hudgens, as always.







Scroll through to shop basically all of these looks: 



The Atrocity: LindsLo

My group of friends' senior year homecoming shirts literally said Free Lindsay on them like, can this bitch help me out here? I'M ON YOUR SIDE. Are you wearing sateen shorts? Does your phone case come with a handle? Did you borrow those shoes from that bearded guy behind you? Did assistant Matt help you cut up your duvet into that tee in his special 5 minutes this morning? Just explain, I'm listening. Unlike Oprah, I won't cancel our friendship. 


Sorry, not helping you shop this look. 

The Chicest of all: Jamie Chung

Bryan Greenberg may have not known how to make it for a third season but Jamie Chung knows how to look fucking flawless. She didn't even have to pull any fashion stunts to stand out and win our little hearts. 

You can't compete with her, but you can match her look. Shop shop shop: 




And the Best Pic of All Time goes to… 

V Hudge. Killed it. 

Shop her Style??



We're very aware that there were people we didn't cover i.e. Paris, Kate Bosworth, Jared Leto but that's because we didn't think you'd find their outfits that interesting but if you really have an opinion, do it in the comments, duh. 


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