We Found Coach Carr On Tinder

Well today seems to be the day of random appearances from supporting Mean Girls characters. First we interviewed Kevin G, and now something even more scandalous and weird has happened: We found Coach Carr on Tinder.

Yes, Coach Carr, of “If you have sex you’ll get pregnant and die” fame.

don't have sex you will get pregnant and die

His real name is apparently Dwayne, and he is an Emmy-nominated actor. Yes I just learned that from his Tinder profile. But nobody gives a shit about me. Let’s look at his photos.

Coach Carr Tinder 1

He’s since grown a beard since we saw him in Mean Girls.

Coach Carr Tinder 2

I have so many questions: Who is that lady? Why are they making those faces? Does Coach Carr have a fucking man bun?!?

Coach Carr Tinder 3

Okay, that dog is cute but like, not cute enough to warrant me going out with a guy whose claim to fame is playing a pedophile in a movie that came out 12 years ago.

Coach Carr Tinder 3

Coach Carr is so serious now. He’s a photographer. On a boat. At least I think that’s a camera? Hard to tell. So artsy.

Coach Carr Tinder 5

This is the “I’m sensitive, look at me snuggling with this cat” photo. I wonder if the cat is in his cuddle gang.

So there you have it, betches. Coach Carr is single, he’s ready to mingle, he’s 6’5″ and if you’re a good cuddler, he might let you join his “gang”.


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