Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Published Her Phone Number…Oops

Chrissy Teigen, our lord and savior, released her cookbook Cravings, and fucked over all of our spring break body plans. More importantly, she accidentally released her phone number. Which one of her publishers got fired?

On page 111, there’s a photo of Chrissy’s dog, Pippa, and her dog collar. Like any good dog owner, Chrissy put her phone number on the dog tag in case Pippa got lost—stars, they’re just like us!—but that also meant early purchasers of Cravings also found her phone number.

Naturally everyone called her, because who wouldn’t want to talk to Chrissy about literally anything? I would also pay good money to watch her live tweet an awards show, just throwing that out there.

Don’t worry. Chrissy changed her phone number, and Pippa had her five minutes of fame. So the story has a happy ending. Well, until Martha Stewart destroys her career in a jealous rampage. 


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