Chris Hemsworth Is, Um, Equipped

So, Chris Hemsworth’s new movie, Vacation, is about to hit theaters, and to promote it, the studio or whatever gods decided to smile upon us decided to release a very, um, suggestive photo of Thor. And his hammer. His very large hammer.

At first glance, all you’ll see is the beautiful upper half of his body.

Then your eyes go lower. IDK about you, but my thoughts went a little something like this: “Oh my God. Holy shit. Ouch. What the FUCK is that. #blessed.”

Supposedly, the “hammer” is just a prop for a scene. But Chris looks a little too comfortable with it dangling there for it to be a prank, you know what I mean?

Is he a more modern-day Jon Hamm?

Or a hotter Leonardo DiCaprio?

The world may never know. But I really, really hope we will.


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