Chris Evans Is Taken Again, Le Sigh

According to Us Weekly, Captain America has captured the heart of Jenny Slate and the two are totes dating now.

If you don’t know who Jenny Slate is, she’s the one who said the Fuck word as a cast member on SNL and wasn’t really invited back. Oh, and she’s the voice of Marcel the Shell.

I actually kind of love Slate though because her characters are always unabashedly conceited, i.e. Mona Lisa Saperstein in Parks and Rec, who can only be described as “The Wooooooorst”.

Slate recently divorced a pretty cute guy and apparently traded up for a pretty hot guy in Chris Evans. The two have been seen on double dates and otherwise canoodling on the set of their movie Gifted.

The news prompted Mindy Kaling to tweet:

Like, no, Mindy, Thor is taken. But I guess you don’t have to be Minka Kelly hot to date a superhero anymore. Not that Slate isn’t cute and skinny, she just isn’t Minka Kelly. None of us are. Sigh.


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