Chris Brown Takes To Instagram To Reaffirm That He Is A Complete Douchebag

In a battle of irrelevancy yesterday Chris Brown posted a picture of the arguably betchiest former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon with an incoherent novel of a caption bashing her for comments talking shit on his current relationship with (model?) Karrueche Tran. Honestly, when I read this I had forgotten that either Bailon or Brown still existed but apparently she has a talk show now and he is pretty much the same piece of shit he was 5 years ago.

In the caption Chris calls her out on everything from having threesomes, to her career’s LOL Cheetah-licious start, to having a “trout mouth”? I really don’t even know what most of these accusations mean or how they connect, but if he was trying her hurt feelings he probably should have had someone that knew how to read/write do the shit talking for him. To only make matters more hilariously pathetic Bailon’s ex-boyfriend and the eater of feelings, Rob Kardashian, gave Brown’s Instragram picture the crucial 'like'. Tell us how you really feel, Rob.




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