The Art Of The Chic Onesie

Rompers have slowly been coming back in style the past few years and seem as though they are here to stay. I have talked more passionately about the floral rompers filling my closet this summer than any tanned boy I've met. I think I have more floral patterns on long sleeve v-neck rompers than Martha Stewart does table cloths. I also am probably more loyal to them than she had to be to her parole officer.

They are the perfect summer staple. You can throw them over a swimsuit for a day party or pair them with a leather jacket and sandal for a cute dinner look. Or even add a heel for a night out. You slip them on in three seconds and voila, your outfit is complete. The only problem seems to be when you have to use the restroom…the number of times I have been naked in a bathroom at a club because of a romper is higher than the number of times Lindsay Lohan has done blow in one. Anyway…the comfort as well as the fabulousity of a romper is well worth the brief nudity.

If you have yet to start your romper collection or are looking for some insight on what to buy, start with Stone Cold Fox. I die die die for this romper of theirs (and also this girls thigh gap, ugh.)

Stone Cold Fox Love Jumper

And even more shocking, the jumpsuit is also officially on trend. And no I don’t just mean the Miami polyester styles that J.Lo wears I mean actual chic jumpsuits are out there and ready to take people's breath away or at least get us a few numbers at the bar. If you are afraid to try a jumpsuit start with a classic black one paired with a black strappy heel. Make sure you get one that is skinny leg. The wide leg and the bell bottom ones are much riskier and won’t end well if you don’t have the exact right heel to pair them with.

Ella Moss: Icon Jumpsuit // Missguided: Trixette Jumpsuit // Young, Fabulous & Broke: Dakota Jumpsuit

Also please accept this as a BSA (betch service announcement) that if you did not already purchase a pair of black strappy sandals (as seen in the above photos) last summer after Ri Ri instagrammed heself in her pair of Saint Laurent and Manolo ones everyday you are seriously disturbed and need to get a pair as soon as you finish this article. Aka now. You're welcome.

Rihanna in Stella McCartney


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