Chic Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

Betches, even though Spring's slutty sister Summer is over, there's no reason to cry. Fall is here which means layers, leather, and losers posting about midterms. But just because it's getting cold doesn't mean crop top tuesday / chic everyday is dunzo. Here are some items we put together for the Fall with the help of, a site where you can get super trendy and fairly affordable shit all in one place.

Rag and Bone – Tux Blazer

Die for this blazer. Nothing screams “I'm rich, bitch” like this white and black tuxedo accessory piece. Plus, who needs a bow tie when you have protruding collarbones?

Nasty Gal – Viper Shades

Nasty Gal is a hit or miss kind of website but these #60 sunglasses are a total domestic abuse kind of hit. Like must have or I'm gonna punch holes through my walls. And if you don't look good in round frames you should seriously like, reconsider your bone structure.

Top Shop – Faux Leather Skirt

Wear this with a cropped tank, big necklace, and your bitchy resting face. This is the formula for hot. I know, faux….just because it's french doesn't cover up the fact that it's fake. But all faux leather really means is that you can spill vodka all over it and you wouldn't even flinch.

Loeffler Randall – Pippa Collar D'Orsay Flats

When you need to use “flats” in a sentence it's important to put 3 to 5 other complicated words before it in order to mask that you are wearing flats while also appearing sophisticated and generally above the person to whom you are speaking. PS these are cute, duh.

Aqua – Moto Cross Pants

Remember in camp when girls were always like, “black and blue should never be seen unless it's in a washing machine”? And you were thinking LOL peasants! Rules are for people who are ugly! Well you were right because there's no sense in following a rule that's a) in a rhyme b) chanted by girls who probably gained weight in their formative years due to only wearing leggings.


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